If all employers, supervisors, leaders, managers and coaches took the time to evaluate their team, and superiors, would they be able to identify gaps and opportunities? A low functioning and incohesive team can have a negative effect on successful businesses in a number of ways. Teambuilding in South Africa is a terrific way of getting the dynamics back on track.

The idea of teambuilding first started in the 20s when Hawthorne Studies looked at relationships between work conditions and productivity in electrics factories in Chicago, USA. The implementation of such techniques in business organizations as well as the sporting world. But, it only became a popular idea in the 90s. Since then it has grown quite a bit.

What is it? Teambuilding includes participation of groups in activities or experiences with an aim to enhance social relations, clarifying roles, identifying and solving problems and building effective relationships. Improving motivation, communication and fulfilment of groups can help increase productivity and performance.

Teambuilding isn’t just a concept to be implemented where there are obvious issues within a team, but also to maintain a good team as well. Teambuilding are perfect for small business groups, managers, team leaders, family groups, youth groups, year-end functions, conferences, incentives or even just for fun. These activities can go a long way in being the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

A complete choice of outdoor and indoor activities, experiences and programmes from one to many days are available in South Africa to suit interests and group demographics including adventure activities outdoor, indoor challenges, creative pursuits, strategic team building, cook-offs, community-focused projects, educational tours and walking safaris.

If you work in South Africa or are considering visiting with your team, here are some great teambuilding organizers:

  • Magoebaskloof Adventures, Limpopo
  • All Out Adventure, Drakensberg
  • Red Cherry Adventures, Port Elizabeth
  • Jozi X, Gauteng
  • Clubventure, Durban
  • Swazi Trails, Swaziland
  • Wild Five Adventures, South Coast
  • Tri Active Events Management, Overberg