Games based on Room Escape aren’t just for entertainment and fun. There are a lot of businesses which use them for team building practices so that they can break down the communication barriers which exist at the workplace.

The main objectives of team building exercises are to encourage their employees and help them prepare for solving all sorts of business problems effectively and collectively. Here are a few activities which you could try out in an escape room which are both fun and educational.

One of the most exciting type of escape room game is hungry zombies. Here, teams are locked in rooms with hungry zombies who are tied to chains. The chain keeps getting released an extra foot every few minutes and the zombie can get closer to the players. The duration of each game is around an hour and if the team members are not able to escape the room by the end, the zombies will reach them. You will find the room full of clues and players need to solve riddles/puzzles in order to find a key and escape with their team members.

Here are a few things that participants must do in order to escape the zombie:

Communication is very important. It is the best way to find the most clues. Participants should split into smaller groups and start searching for the clues. They must ensure that their team members are informed about whatever they find at all times in case that information comes in handy.

These games also require players to think outside the box as they are doing something they have never done before. They need to unleash their thought potential and search for clues which help them solve riddles and puzzles. They have completely different setups and can help foster a healthy relationship between team members.

These games focus on increasing the co-operation between members of a team and building team spirit where no one’s duties are limited to their individual performance.