The South African Affiliate Conference is one of the top shows in the world of affiliate space in imaging. If you are looking to start conversations with some of the biggest affiliates, affiliate programs and operators in the world then this is the place for you to be.

SAAC puts you side by side 5,000 delegates, of which,more than 3,500 are affiliates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to network with all of them in a relaxed environment. You are also going to get the chance to learn from some of the best minds in this sector beyond the two-day conference programme.

One sector that is always well represented is the online gambling or iGaming industry. Many online casino operators are looking for affiliates to deliver leads into regulated countries. One such online casino comparison site is Their representative had this to say, “We attend many conferences and SAAC has introduced us to many online casino operators who we have now been our partners for many years.”

Here’s what you can expect at this event:

We work with the delegates while building content for the conference. This means that you will be able to expect some engaging sessions which are tailor-made just for you. Add in some amazing speakers and you have a conference lineup that just cannot be missed.

At SAAC, the networking never ends. Whether you are attending a networking party or are on the expo floor or are having a drink at the bar, you can expect to find somebody new to meet everywhere.

The sponsors and exhibitors at the SAAC 2018 go out of their way to make sure you have fun. Expect celebrity quiz competitions, famous sports stars, epic dance battles and much more. There is always something happening at your favourite stands.

Affiliates do not have to pay a single penny to attend these shows. It has been more than 11 years since the show started and even today affiliates don’t have to pay a penny to attend.

Yes its not as big as DM EXCO, but its these smaller conferences where proper relationships are made. If you are any kind of affiliate and are looking to mingle with the biggest names in your industry then this is the best place for you to do it.