Ownership and accountability are very important for companies who want to get the most from their employees. It’s even more important when you consider the fact that companies usually deal with work in teams. Getting all employees to be on the same page can be difficult but ultimately it is essential if you want the company to grow in the long run.

Accountability and task ownership is not something employees have pre-programmed. Lots of it depends on work environments created for them. They need to be given necessary tools and guidance to establish such a system. They need to understand how actions and decisions affect the functioning of teams and organizations.

Here are a few tips to help you better develop work ownership among teams:


One of the first things you should be doing is planning and setting the goals of your team. You need to chart clear strategies and objectives out while including your team. Every member needs to have clear individual objectives too. Leaders should engage with each member to understand their progress. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and the best interests of the team are at heart.

Delegation of responsibility

This doesn’t just concern delegating assignments or tasks. It’s quite common for employees to be uncertain about decision-making powers and responsibilities. It’s the leader’s job to communicate effectively about the decision-making power of every team member.


Employees should be allowed to develop solutions on their own. Constant monitoring is only going to interfere with their levels of confidence, sense of ownership and skill development. Support teams with any resources, tools and assistance required at all time.


Every team member needs to get a clear role. Ambiguity only interferes with the effectiveness of teamwork. It is better to get rid of any sort of confusion among team members.